About Us

Since I was a young girl I have loved everything that had anything to do with games.  As I got older, and the technology came about, I naturally gravitated towards video gaming.

I remember playing lemonade stand on my family’s Apple 2c, as well as Where in the World is Carmen San Diego and Oregon Trail on computers at the local library.

My first system I ever got was an Atari (which my mother still has).  I have spent hours playing Frogger, Ms Pac-Man, Asteroids, Centipede, Pong and many others.

As I grew older and systems got better I moved up to the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo Cube, various versions of Xbox, Play Station and Wii that has come out through the years.  And yes, I still own and play them all.   I also always keep a PC and Mac around and now a phone full of games as well.

Through all these years and generations of systems and games it seemed that everything was geared towards males.  Now with social media and sponsored gaming coming, we feel that the time has come for girls to take the lead and dominate the arena.

We will be doing a lot of different things to help build that dominance.  There will be gaming guides, recommendations for products to help you get that edge, articles spotlighting female gamers and sponsored female teams, maybe even a podcast or two of some interviews with our favorite gaming gals.

So whether you are a complete noob or the most highly decorated veteran, come along and join us  as we build and grow this site.  It is for you.  We are looking forward to meeting you.