Review Logitech G203 Mouse: Quality On A Budget

Logitech G203

Do you want to have a gaming mouse but you are struggling to make ends meet? You don’t have to sacrifice quality or your budget with the Logitech G203. Here in this review, you will see that a gaming mouse can include both quality and still be extremely affordable.

One Of The Best “Entry” Level Gaming Mouse

Logitech G203The Logitech G203 is very good, entry-level gaming mouse.  It is suitable for those who are seeking quality but who are also budget conscious.  With more than 470 user reviewers, giving the G203  4.5 out of 5 stars. The design received 4.0, durability 4.0 and overall quality 4.5, which means you can get a quality mouse even if you are on a limited on cash.

“The Logitech G203 offers a high DPI setting among budget mice along with accurate performance, and it’s backed by useful companion software too.” (IGN)


Optimal Gaming Performance

Logitech G203 wired gaming mouse is suitable for all users who want a mouse that can deliver optimal performance on a budget. If you are more of a casual gamer and do not want, or have the funds to invest a lot of money into buying a more expensive gaming mouse, then the G203 will be just right for you.

Worth Buying?

The first thing that makes the Logitech G203 gaming mouse attractive is its gaming-grade performance. When combined with its classic design, the special gaming sensor, the LIGHTSYNC RGB Technology, and six programmable buttons, it is clear that the G203 is a lot more than just the usual, everyday gaming mouse. When you spend your money on a Logitech device you can be confident that you are investing in a product of renowned quality.  The Logitech G203 is a true champion into the entry level of gaming mouse technology.  And you better believe with Logitech standing behind it, it will be worth every dollar!

Surprising Performance

The G203 is different from most of the mice you will see on the market. The main reason for this lies in the fact that the G203 successfully combines optimal quality and performance. For example, the G203 is 8 times faster than the regular mouse. Moreover, this gaming mouse reports 1,000 times per second, which gives you an almost instantaneous onscreen response time.

Classic Design That Is Optimized For Professional Or Every-day Use

Logitech G203 wired gaming mouse’s design is inspired by the design of today’s legendary Logitech G100S Gaming Mouse. The G100S was (and still is) very much beloved by both gamers and every-day users throughout the entire world. Therefore, the classical design of the G203 boasts offers small mass and optimal durability. Regardless if you use the G203 for one or more hours, it will always feel equally comfortable. This guarantees that even after several hours of prolonged use, you will not even feel like the G203 is in your palm. Its 85 grams means that this mouse is meant for those who love easy and smooth use.

Great Gaming Sensor

With the Logitech G203, you can play every game of your choice with ease. Moreover, you can play it with full potential and never worry that you will be in disadvantage, especially when playing your favorite online games. This is done thanks to the G203’s special game sensor. This sensor enables DPI from minimal of 200 to a maximum of 8,000. In addition, the G203 delivers fantastic accuracy, together with great tracking speed and consistency. With the G203, you will get better control of your game, regardless which gameplay style you choose.

Mechanical Buttons for Better Grip

The Logitech G203 uses the mechanical button tensioning. This special button tensioning uses metal springs for keeping the left and the right mouse buttons primed to click. This means that with the G203 you will not need to use strong force to click the button (which is especially important when playing your favorite FPS games)! This together combined with individual left and right buttons enables far better consistency, delivering outstanding click feel and response.


The Logitech G203 uses special, advanced, next-generation RGB lighting technology called LIGHTSYNC. This LIGHTSYNC is a technology that synchronizes lightning and game profiles with the content of your choice. Therefore, you can freely customize from a full spectrum of around 16.8 million colors.  You can then synchronize lightning animations and effects with other Logitech devices and gadgets you already have. The customization and option tweaking can be done easily and in no time thanks to Logitech Gaming Software.

Feel Like a Pro with Six Programmable Buttons

Do you want to carefully configure the Logitech G203 or you want to use it with its predefined options? The choice is yours! However, the great thing about the G203 is that every one of its six buttons can be configured with the use of the Logitech Gaming Software. Advanced gamers will surely appreciate the ability to program the six buttons.  They can be customized in numerous different ways, giving the G203 a truly professional feel.

Toggle DPI as You Play

Every gamer knows that DPI is very important for gaming. This is something Logitech takes very seriously. The G203 has the option for manually toggle the DPI “On-The-Go.” One click on the mouse will enable switching from almost pixel-precise 250 DPI to fast 2,500 DPI. Further tweaking of DPI can be done thanks to Logitech Gaming Software. Do you want super-fast or super-precise? It does not matter! This can all be done in no time. Moreover, you can set up to five in-game settings of DPI, which will suit your every gaming need!

Save Your Settings with the Onboard Memory

Every time you take your Logitech G203 gaming mouse with you, your custom settings will also come along. Every preference you make can be easily saved, which is done thanks to its onboard memory. Using the LGS you can save your favorite settings. Connect your G203 with other computers and use it as you like! Days of constantly installing software and reconfiguring your settings are over.


Both (left and right) buttons on the Logitech G203 is guaranteed to last 10 million clicks. Are you “casual” or “gamer” user? It does not matter! The G203 durability will satisfy your needs for a long time, guaranteeing you endless hours of work, play, and fun!

Compatible Systems

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.11
  • Chrome OS

Open The Box and Let the Fun Begin!

When you open the box, you will find:

  • Logitech G203 gaming wired mouse
  • User documentation
  • 2-year limited hardware warranty

Should I Buy this Mouse? What are the Alternatives?

If you’re on a budget but still want a good gaming mouse, I definitely recommend the Logitech G203 mouse.  It does only come in a wired option, but it also comes with a  great responsiveness, excellent DPI, a precise sensor, solid design, and a very useful  “user-friendly” software companion.  Nevermind that this is an older model gaming mouse it will still get the job done.  However, if you are wanting a newer model or a wireless option a better choice for you may be the Logitech G305.

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