Review Logitech G903 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Mouse: 3 Words: Total Game Domination

Logitech G903

Are you interest in just playing your game or are you interested in dominating it?  In this review, you will see how the Logitech G903 raises the bar so high that others will struggle to keep up with you.  With this mouse, the perks just keep coming!


The Talk Of The Town

Logitech G903The Logitech G903 is in an elite class all it’s own.  800 reviewers have given it 3.8 out of 5 stars.  With battery life getting a solid 4.4 stars, material quality 4.1 stars, and durability 3.8 stars, this is a solid mouse.

“This is the best gaming mouse on the market. It’s wireless but performs as well as any wired gaming mouse. It’s lightweight for a wireless mouse, customizable, has great software, and a comfortable design.” (IGN)


Excellent, “All-Around” Gaming Mouse

If you want an excellent, wireless gaming mouse and budget is not a concern, then this is the mouse for you. The Logitech G903 wireless mouse is one of the best (if not the best) wireless mouse out there now on the market.

What makes the G903 better than its competition? The numerous possibilities. With 11 programmable keys, 4 different directions for scroll key.  It has an outstanding wireless performance with endless configurations to make this uniquely yours.  Customize it to your style of gaming, whatever that may be.

Pairing it with the Logitech POWERPLAY charging mat means you will never again have a dead mouse at the most crucial time of your raid.


Ultimate Gaming Mouse For Ultimate Performance


The G903 is the most advanced Logitech wireless gaming mouse out there today. The best part? It is loaded with features.

One of the best is definitely its speed. LIGHTSPEED was specifically invented for delivering the best possible performance when it comes to high-quality gaming. With LIGHTSPEED there is only 1 m/s delay between click and in game action. The Logitech G903 delivers maximum speed, fantastic performance, excellent accuracy and responsiveness without latency. This ensures that the G903 meets every need of a gamer, regardless whether you consider yourself to be “casual” or a “hardcore” gamer.

Battery Life

When combined with PowerPlay G903 manages to function and operate with an infinite amount of power.  When using this mouse in wireless mode, on a full charge, users can get up to 30+ hours of battery use. Default lighting grants 24 hours of use, while no lightning enables unbelievable 32 hours.

The exclusive clock-tuning technology significantly reduces sensor power draw. Plugging in the data and charging cable allows you to continue to play even while the G903 is charging.

Combined with everything and you will have a mouse with the ultimate performance. Do you want the best of the best that there is in the world of wireless gaming mice? If you do then the Logitech G903 is definitely “a must” for you!

Wired? Wireless?  You pick!

It is true that Logitech G903 is wireless gaming mouse “by default.” However, this does not mean that the mouse cannot be used with cables. If you want to enjoy all the benefits and potential of G903 but you are not into wireless, you can use it with the cable. Thanks to its around six feet long cable G903 can parry most (if not every) cabled gaming mouse that is on the market!

Plug in the data and charging cable to seamlessly switch between wireless and wired modes without interrupting your game.

Weight makes a difference.

Logitech G903 weighs only 110 grams. This means that G903 is the top quality mouse when it comes to mass. Every step of the manufacturing of the G903 is done to minimize overall weight, without sacrificing its strength.  If you find the mouse too light, it is possible to use weights to gain 10 grams more.

Are You A Lefty Or A Righty? 

Another excellent feature of Logitech G903 mouse is that it can be used by both left-hander and right-handers.  With the options to cover and remove mouse buttons, this is truly the most customizable of mice out there!


With the Logitech Gaming Software that comes free with this mouse, you can program 5 different profiles onto the mouse and take it with you.  So even if you have to share the mouse time with someone else each person or game can have its own configuration.

With up to 11 different buttons, which are entirely customizable, you will never run out of places to put all your macros. Even the 2 RGB lighting zone can be customized to sync with your game.

DPI On The Fly

The G903 wireless gaming mouse comes equipped with one more surprise.  It features zero smoothing, filtering, and acceleration. With options ranging from 200 dpi to 12,000 dpi, these can be adjusted on the fly.

Having one of the best optical sensors made and exceptional tracking accuracy you will find non-stop responsiveness regardless of its speed


If you’re wondering about the durability of the G903 gaming mouse, then set your fears aside. Rest assured that 50 million clicks will be more than enough for even the most demanding gaming sessions. It will satisfy the hunger of every hardcore gamer!

Compatible Systems

  • Windows 7 operating system.
  • Mac, you will need to have Mac OS 10.11 or newer versions.
  • Chrome OS


The Fun Starts Here

What’s inside:

  • Light Speed USB receiver
  • USB cable that can be used for data transfer and charging
  • A case for accessories
  • Optional receiver extension adapter
  • Optional side buttons ( (2x left, 2x right)
  • Optional cover buttons ( 1x left, 1x right)
  • Optional 10 grams weight
  • User documentation
  • 2-year warranty

Who Should Buy and Who Should Try Something Else?

Maybe you’re a professional or hardcore gamer, it’s possible you are just that gal who always has to have the latest and greatest.  If either of those scenarios sounds like you, then this is the mouse to have.  With the many features and ability to design every aspect of this mouse you will not go wrong buying this mouse, no matter what game you play.

If you are more of a casual player or are budget minded, then I recommend trying one of the other Logitech gaming models.   They have several different gaming mice that have varying degrees of customizations that can be a bit more budget friendly.  Grabbing either the Logitech G502 Hero or the Logitech G603 will give you the gaming experience with the flexibility without the hefty price tag.




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